A Chronology of Baby Elliana Arnold

Aug. 11, 2015
What a roller coaster of emotions today. At our ultrasound we found out we are having another precious baby girl!! 
The ultrasound also showed that there are some abnormalities with our baby. There is fluid around her heart and lungs. 
I will go for more extensive testing tomorrow morning at Rex. At first the news was devastating, but I was quickly 
reminded of the power of MY GOD! On the way home the song 'we will not be shaken' by Bethel came on the radio. How 
profound the lyrics were and what deeper meaning they had for me. 

"We will not be shaken
For in the hour of our darkest day
We will not tremble, we won't be afraid
Hope is rising like the light of dawn
Our God is for us He has overcome
All those against Him will fall
For our God is stronger
He can do all things
No higher name we can call
For Jesus is greater
He can do all things"

Daniel and I are praying in faith and believing that are beautiful girl will be fully healed and live a normal happy 
and healthy life! 

We appreciate prayers of agreement! And thank God for his power and the peace he has given us. 

Autumn is happy to be having a baby sister! She loved the cupcakes and having family over for dinner! 

Aug. 12, 2015
Meet our sweet Eliana "Ellie" June Arnold. Eliana means "God has answered" in Hebrew. The ultrasound tech 
today jokingly said "she's a fighter" when he was having trouble getting an image he needed. I said "Amen! Let 
her be a fighter!" The Doctors didn't give us much hope today, but MY GOD gives us hope in abundance. Ellie reminds 
us herself to look up and believe for a miracle. Thanks for all the people who have reached out to us. We are asking 
that everyone speak life into this beautiful baby! What a blessing she is to us. God has given us wonderful peace that 
Ellie's healing is in His hands. How faithful He is! - with Daniel Arnold. 

Aug. 13, 2015
Yesterday we had an amniocentesis done at Rex. It is a procedure where they went in via a needle through my stomach and 
drew DNA from the amniotic fluid for genetic testing. We decided to do this not because any result would change how we 
felt about Ellie's healing and the capability of God's miraculous work in this pregnancy, but we felt that if we knew 
specifically what Ellie was facing, then we could pray for her specific needs. Based on what the doctors saw in the 
ultrasounds yesterday they suspected 1 of 2 genetic abnormalities known as trisomy 18 or trisomy 13. Both of which 
according to the doctors have a 0% survival rate. We just got the initial "fish" testing results back from the 
amniocentesis. This is where they first test for the major chromosomal disorders like Down syndrome, trisomy 13, 
trisomy 18 and the X and Y chromosomes. Everything was NORMAL praise God! So the next step is to do what they call 
a microarray with the DNA and search for less severe chromosomal disorders. This is wonderful news! It is confirmation 
that God hears our prayers and he is answering. Where the doctors say there is no way, God is making a way. Please continue 
to pray with us. 

One of the abnormalities that Ellie is facing is a hole in her diaphragm. Because of this some of the organs that should 
be in her belly are up in her chest. When you are praying please be in agreement with Daniel and I. We are specifically 
visualizing the organs that are in her chest going back into her belly and the hole in her diaphragm closing. This is the 
most critical piece to Ellie's survival. Without this happening her lungs can't form, and she can't live outside of the womb 
without lungs. 

When we ask God for a miracle, we can't ask him to do something and then doubt that he is capable. Daniel and I have perfect 
unexplainable freedom in knowing that God is taking care of our little girl. Every kick that I feel inside of me from this 
little fighter is a testament of His goodness! He is so faithful! He has placed people in our lives to encourage us. Just 
last night a family that we know shared with us that they received basically the same scenario when they were pregnant with 
their daughter, and after a few surgeries after birth their daughter is an amazing, beautiful and healthy little girl! 

Our worship pastor and great friend Jimmy Scott Coats has a CD coming out tomorrow (available for $10. Let me know if you want one! 
Shameless plug ??) there is a song on there called Bread: The Provision, which Autumn and I actually sing on, and it has become my 
anthem. In the song it says "I won't worry about a thing because I know that you are for me and you love me... Jesus you've always 
been faithful, Jesus you've always provided, Jesus you fight all my battles and you win every time!" Worry and fear are not from God. 
They are a tactic that the enemy uses to control us. We are choosing not to be slaves to fear as we are children of God. 

The outpouring of support has been amazing. We have had people all over the world praying for our family. We thank all of you for your 
prayers of strength and peace during this time. And we thank you for prayers for our daughter, Ellie, as she is still being formed in 
my womb. We want to encourage you that we are seeing the results of your prayer, and ask that you continue to pray. 

Aug. 18, 2015
Let me tell you about how faithful our God is! Today we witnessed the first of many miracles! At our last ultrasound the back of the 
cerebellum was open and there was fluid on the brain. Also there was an abnormality with her kidneys. Today both looked good! Praise God! 
They did still see the heart abnormality and the diaphragmatic hernia on the right side with the liver in her chest. We are continuing 
to pray that we see miracles in both of these abnormalities as well. 

We definitely liked these doctors better. The first doctors seemed to have the outlook " let's just see how long your baby makes it" this 
practice has the approach of let's find out everything we can and form a plan that will be best. They also have monthly meetings where 
all of the doctors come together to discuss special cases like ours, so we will have numerous doctors, and all of their experience, brought 
together to discuss and develop the best plan of action. They also want to do ultrasounds more often to monitor (every 2 weeks) and want to
go ahead with the next step of having an echo ultrasound by a pediatric cardiologist to try and find out more about the heart abnormality. 
Where the other practice said " if we make it to 24 weeks then they would send me." 

We are praising God for the first of many miracles and thankful that we found doctors that we feel more comfortable with! What a blessing 
it is to live in an area where we can compare and choose between both of these phenomenal facilities. Please continue to pray and believe 
for miracles! God is not done. It brought us so much joy to see our sweet Ellie's face today! Check her out playing peek-a-boo. 

Unstoppable God
Let Your glory go on and on
Impossible things
In Your name they shall be done

Aug. 25, 2015
When Daniel Arnold and I asked God for a miracle for our baby, we asked expecting. Every time we get results back that in the natural 
don't seem possible, we cry tears of joy! We are overwhelmed! Not by surprise, but by gratitude, that He hears us, and he is answering. 
Just a few minutes ago we got the full results back from our amniocentesis. The last thing we were waiting on was the microarray results 
where they look at each chromosome individually to find any abnormalities. Ellie's results came back COMPLETELY NORMAL! The doctors said 
they can't explain it. If you remember they told us 2 weeks ago that there was a serious chromosomal defect in our baby, and she had a 0% 
survival rate. Praise Abba! He is such a good good daddy! It is so amazing to see our prayers for healing and restoration for Ellie come 
to fruition. We pray that we continue to see God's miraculous works in Ellie's life. We thank you all again for coming along side of us. 
If everyone will please continue to lift Ellie's life up to our father, and also give him the praise and recognition he deserves! 

September 3 at 5:22pm
Eliana - literally translated as "My God has answered me." 
Such a joy to see this sweet face this morning smile emoticon God is so good, and continues to work miracles in little Ellie's body. 
Today during the ultrasound the doctors could clearly see the aorta artery in Ellie's heart. 2 weeks ago we were told that they were 
only able to see the pulmonary artery. This is HUGE! Who could miraculously make the main artery in your body appear besides JESUS! 
His hand is so evident in this situation. Every appointment we receive new miraculous news. Please continue to pray for Ellie as she 
still has other factors in her heart defect, and also the diaphragmatic hernia with her liver coming up into her chest. The combination 
of these two birth defects makes the outcome of her situation very "ominous" in the natural, but we are seeing before our 
very eyes our daughter being healed little by little. We are continuing to believe for complete healing in Jesus name! 

November 13, 2015
We are here, at Duke, playing the waiting game of when will I go back into labor. God has miraculously given us more time to spend with 
Ellie and more time for her to continue to grow and develop in my womb. My water started leaking at 2 am, and I was having horrible back 
labor with contractions getting to be 15 mins apart when he suddenly calmed the storm. My last contraction was 9:30 am on Friday.

Adding prematurity to the list of Ellie's circumstances is not good, but we are praying and believing and speaking LIFE over our baby. 
We know you all are doing the same. Our God can and has overcome much more. He is with us, and has given us perfect peace for whatever 
the outcome may be. Continue to pray that my labor stalls (for weeks!!!) and speak life over Ellie. We would love to spend Thanksgiving 
in the hospital if it means more time for her to grow! Hope is a great thing God has granted us, and we will not let the enemy take that 
away from us. Love and appreciate you all.

Standing on God's promise given in today's verse of the day in my bible app.
"This is GOD 's Word on the subject: "As soon as Babylon's seventy years are up and not a day before, I'll show up and take care of you 
as I promised and bring you back home. I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out-plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans 
to give you the future you hope for."
Jeremiah 29:10-11 MSG    

November 18, 2015
32weeks? today!!!
Hoping for another uneventful day and weeks to come. Keep growing Ellie! Continue to pray for her healing. She needs a miracle, 
but God is able!!!

Update: The doctor just came in and talked to us. They are so happy that we reached the 32 week mark. We are beating the odds. 
Each week only 50% of P-PROM patients make it through to the next week. God is with us. He hears our prayers. Ellie has been 
beating the odds since day 1. She is such a fighter, and she has almighty God fighting on her behalf! Lindsey Donohue Arnold


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